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What Happens When You Neglect Your House Washing

Although it would be great if rain were enough to regularly rinse off the exterior of your house for cleaning purposes, it doesn't work for your car either. Regular exterior cleaning is a necessary part of routine home improvement and maintenance.

Homeowners who fail to schedule routine pressure washing are in for a rude awakening. Of course, homeowners who rely solely on power washing to clean all of their exterior surfaces aren't going to be happy either. There's more to exterior cleaning than you may realize, and now is the time to figure it all out.

What happens when you neglect your house washing

Why The Right House Washing Methods Make A Dramatic Difference

The term house washing is commonly used in place of pressure washing, even though pressure washing may not be the right cleaning method to use. Techniques referred to as low, no, or soft washing is better suited for delicate surfaces like vinyl siding and asphalt shingles.

  • The standard pressure washing approach can damage your siding and puncture holes in it.
  • Power washing can trap water behind your home's siding, causing leaks, mold, and rot.
  • In untrained hands, pressure washing can loosen or tear away siding.
  • Even in skilled hands, power washing can cause damage that requires repairs.
  • Pressure washing can remove paint - which is why it's part of the preparation process for house painting, but not great when you want to keep your color in place.

What If You Don't Wash It?

Your home's exterior can get pretty filthy pretty quickly. Once an issue like algae takes hold, it intensifies rapidly. To put it simply, your house won't just look dirty; it will age and even deteriorate with time and neglect.

Some factors contribute to how quickly and intensely the process happens, such as the amount of shade your property has and the amount of rain that season.

  • Mold, algae, moss, and lichen can become a serious problem
  • You'll lose your curb appeal
  • Your home's property value will quickly diminish
  • Repair needs will become more frequent and more extensive
  • Your home will need replacement instead of repairs for features like siding

It's time to take action and get proactive about exterior care for your home. At Loud Bros Pressure Washing, we're committed to providing you with the best overall cleaning, no matter what surface we're working on.

Call us today to schedule your Bloomington pressure washing. Even if it means switching to a different method of cleaning techniques, we're the company you can trust for optimal results.

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